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If you’re familiar with Joomla!, then you’re familiar with Module Positions. Before you freak out over these Hooks; take a deep breath, look at the graphics below, then watch this video.

With the use of the WordPress Plugin, Thesis OpenHook, you can take control of Thesis Hooks without stressing!

Want a jump on becoming a true Thesis Ninja? Check out our brand new Thesis Users Guide!

Many thanks to Roberto Gerola for permission to use the images.

  • D02

    I like this plug-in a lot too and appreciate it! I think it's a great shortcut and easy to master.

    However, I agree with Farscape that it would be nice to have the ability to indicate if you want to add something to all pages or just posts.

    There are times that you might want to limit something to post pages or just regular pages. Any good hacks for that?

  • medical assistant

    Great resource, thanks.
    I was looking for ways to find out if the current page being displayed is a 404 page or not. I have some footer and headers which should not being included in the 404 page.
    Thanks for your help

  • Vinny – Nascar Fan

    Very helpful thanks for the lesson.

  • Reeda Malik

    Absolutely loving this! You’re a life-saver Greg!!

  • Reeda Malik

    Absolutely loving this! You’re a life-saver Greg!!

  • Vivek Parmar

    Thanks a lot for the great resource.

  • Simon

    thanks so much. very easy to get lost among all those different hooks.


  • AlexVD

    Thanks for the video on using openhook, I just bought thesis theme for one of my sites and its definitely challenging learning all this css but i know in a month or so my site is going to look awesome.

  • Steven

    Thanks, this vid was super helpful.

  • Helcousa Usa

    As a plugin, OpenHook is not something “Thesis” (DIY Themes) can guarantee will work or upgrade alongside Thesis, and there have been a few recent issues reported with Openhook, though there are workarounds.” So now I’m really confused about hooks

  • Pamela Rose Anders

    I was looking for a way to customize my home page (and certain other pages) in my Thesis site.  I came across your plugin and installed it, but I don’t see a way to apply it to specific pages rather than the entire site. I am afraid to use it until I am able to figure that out, because  I don’t want to risk causing damage to the site.

    Sorry if this appears to be a lame comment, but I am a novice to WordPress and Thesis.

    Pamela Rose Anders

  • Schuckspeare

    I accidentally deleted the code in the Header box of Thesis OpenHook, and now my site is messed up. Is there a back up somewhere of the code, or an ‘undo’ function, or ‘restore’ function somewhere? Can’t find any code online, either, nor in the WordPress support blogs.

  • Teena Of Grow Hair Faster

    I just installed thesis hook in my thesis theme. It’s really amazing in positioning adsense ads within thesis. However, I want to exclude the sitemap from displaying the adsense ads. How can I do that?

    I’m using the WP Realtime Sitemap wordpress plugin to generate an html sitemap. Here is a for reference:

    It’s a great sitemap generator. I hope there is a way to exclude the sitemap from displaying ads.


  • Charles

    Holy awesome resource.

  • Mike Shapiro

    I’m using a hook now that displays some HTML, however I only want it to display on certain pages, something like if_catagory=recipes.  What code could I use for this?

  • Md Mahmudul Hasan

    if i want to add a widget just below the nav menu what would be my thesis hook?